April 2018 Galactic News – gets some siblings, GCCBOSC and other event news; new pubs, servers, jobs, ...

Galaxy Release 18.01 – Performance, uWSGI, Collection usability, new BAM datatypes, Experimental job caching

March 2018 News of the Galaxy! – GCCBOSC Abstracts, Registration, Housing & Kenotes; Europe, Africa, blog, pubs, servers, jobs, ...


Coding in the Winter Wonderland: Galaxy Admin Training in Oslo, 2018

Galaxy R Markdown Tools – Using R Markdown as a framework to develop Galaxy tools


The Galaxy Platform as an Accessible, Core Laboratory Solution for Proteogenomic Analysis and Informatics – Presented by the Galaxy-P team

4th de.NBI Genomics training course – Microbial genomics: quality control, assembly, annotation & comparative genomics

Analyse RNAseq sous Galaxy – Utiliser les outils d’analyse de données RNASeq dans l’environnement Galaxy

RNA-Seq analysis using Galaxy – Learn to work with NGS data for small variant detection.

Bioinformatics Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing Data – Bioinformatic analysis of next generation sequencing data, particularly for DNA-seq, RNA-seq, CHIP-seq, and epigenomics